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Credibility and Integrity

Why RAM?

Payment Processing

Payment Processing and Trust Accounting relies on efficiency, security, and accuracy. This is what RAM offers to each and every one of its clients, regardless of size. If you are an established service provider, switching to a new payment processor can be daunting. We have the solution: our Integration Implementation Team. In order to minimize risk to your business and set your mind at ease, we expedite the transfer process via our team of experts. You and your staff can be trained online on the account transfer process with our support specialists or you refer to pre-recorded content accessible at anytime. We also provide access to an IT specialist who can handle common technical hurdles remotely or on location. Our experienced team has managed dozens of large and small client transfers and they are available to you when you need them by phone or at the click of a button.

Do I have to switch over all my clients?

Absolutely not! You can keep your current clients set up with your old provider while ensuring that your new clients will benefit from the increased efficiency and control you will receive from RAM.

Do I need to re-train my staff to use RAM?

All of the leading CRM software packages in the industry already provide built-in integration with RAM, making the transition seamless. Most other software packages require only a few changes for easy implementation with our API. Our team is able to assist you every step of the way from a simple request to a more complex solutions.

What are the advantages of switching to RAM?

Accurate and flexible reporting, attention to detail, and excellent customer service are just a few of the advantages that make switching to RAM such a profitable decision. For more info please call our main office at 949-859-1404 or email:

Business Benefits

IAPDA Certification

Companies working with RAM enjoy the benefits of working with a company certified by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators. IAPDA provides training, certification, debt industry knowledge, legislative info and above all the credibility that is essential in the debt settlement industry. For further information please visit

Increased Earning Potential

For clients needing pre-paid legal services, RAM has partnered with Veritas Legal Plan—the only prepaid legal plan company focused specifically on the debt settlement industry. This program helps companies increase their potential revenue streams by offering their clients a valuable monthly service. Our long-running working relationship with Veritas brings you the ability to provide legal representation to your clients at low cost and helps you provide peace of mind to your clients who are starting a on a debt settlement program.

ACL Program

Account Connect Limited is an advance payment program that lets you accelerate cash flow from your client contracts. Combining RAM's extensive transaction history with a proprietary algorithm we are able to identify customer profiles that provide you the opportunity to realize future fees more quickly. For further information visit

Creditor Relations Services

RAM has fostered relationships with credit collection and settlement companies across the country. By using RAM as your payment processing company, we can streamline your collection process by automating settlement offers for customers engaged in a debt reduction program.

Access to Financial Strength Builder

Companies that use RAM can take advantage of our special access to Financial Strength Builder in order to educate customers, increase retention, and realize an extra revenue stream. Filled with excellent educational material, Financial Strength Builder lets you bring your customers the tools necessary for building a brighter financial future.

Customer Benefits:

Funds Safety

Consumer safety is what separates RAM from its competition. RAM secures your funds in a trust account which gives you additional legal rights. Some other payment processors only provider their clients a dedicated personal account which can easily be levied by collectors or even the IRS. RAM provides you access to your funds but blocks the risks inherent to regular account management.

If you are engaged in a debt relief program, it means that you have made the decision to take control of your financial future. This is why RAM’s trust account approach ensures that no outside influences reduce your chance of success. Our approach protects you from unreasonable and unfair imposition while still allowing you full access to your funds.

Consumer first

RAM puts consumers first. As a third-party independent payment processor we have made the conscious decision to place consumer choice at the forefront of each of our transactions.
If you choose to cancel your relationship with a company, you can start that process by contacting us after taking the necessary steps with your debt relief company.
Following a waiting period of 5 days, RAM will cancel the drafting of funds from your original contract. The service provider you originally contracted with cannot rescind the cancelation order and only you as the client can decide to revoke it.


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RAM is an independent company which allows us to maintain a neutral, third-party perspective when it comes to financial transactions between two parties.


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We provide payment processing to individuals, as well attorneys, bankruptcy trustees, tax resolution providers, debt resolution providers, social media, medical companies and more. Please note that RAM's services are not available in Oregon.