Who is RAM and What Do You Do?

Reliant Account Management (RAM) is an independent third-party payment processing company that manages payments for companies in a wide range of industries. RAM operates under strict federal and local guidelines.


Why are you drafting money out of my account?


RAM works on behalf of companies who need automation and security when handling their client accounts. Have you recently signed up for debt resolution, student loan consolidation, or legal or medical services? Your service provider contracted with RAM to draft funds from your account per your agreement with them.

Who gave you permission to pull money out of my account?


All client draft authorization forms and legal acknowledgement documents are with your service provider. As a leading payment processing company, we are providing reliable and secure drafts from your account for the services you are being provided. No funds are withdrawn without a signed ACH authorization from you.

Can I change the date of my automated payment?


Normally, yes. This depends on your arrangement with the company providing services to you. They should be able to help you in answering that question further but in most cases you can change your draft date through them.

Who do I contact with questions related to my program?


All program questions should be directed to your program administrator or service provider. We handle a large quantity of transactions on a daily basis, however if you cannot locate specific name and/or contact information for you services provider, we can help you via email or by phone at 877-859-1450 where a live agent will further assist you.


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RAM is an independent company which allows us to maintain a neutral, third-party perspective when it comes to financial transactions between two parties.


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About Us

We provide payment processing to individuals, as well attorneys, bankruptcy trustees, tax resolution providers, debt resolution providers, social media, medical companies and more. Please note that RAM's services are not available in Oregon.